All instruments are tuned in a bright or dark tone. A tone can also be customized.Instruments can be Chrome plated, Gold Plated or custom painted.


Tenor:  The Tenor Steelpan is perfect for Solo Playing or with an ensemble.

34 Notes
Range: C4-F6
Rim Length: 6 Inches
Circle  of fifths

Double Tenor: The Double Tenor Steelpan is designed in our trademarked symphonized design. This instrument plays harmony and counter melody.

34 Notes
Range: F3-C6
Rim Length 8 Inches


Double Second: 38 Notes

Range: Eb3-Bb5
Rim Length: 9 Inches

Tenor Bass: 20 Notes

Range: 2F below middle C
Rim Length: 20 Inches


Low Bass: This instrument can be made in a three note or five note design.

30 Notes
From: Bb1-Eb3
Configured in five notes per barrel
Rim Length: 34 Inches


Triple Cello:

27 Notes
From c3 to c5
Length: 27 inches
Designed in the cycle of fifth
Flattened thirds


Double Gitta: This instrument plays harmonic and melodic rhythm. The symphonized design allows the performer to play melody, counter melody and chords with ease.

30 notes
From C2 to F4
Length 14 inches
Designed in cycle of seconds
Tuned in whole tones